Green Business Incubator

We build regional networks of change makers through incubating green and social enterprises to catalyse grassroots economies, and promote environmental sustainability. We also provide a networking platform for knowledge sharing and profile new/green economy innovations (

Research and Advocacy

We are a knowledge hub on the green economy in Africa, with our research spanning a wide range of topics on the green economy, including sustainable water management, climate smart agriculture and sustainable energy solutions. Our research aims to bridge the gap between academia and policy makers, business and the general public.

Capacity Building

We provide bespoke green economy (GE) training programmes* to policymakers, business leaders and local authorities to facilitate the mainstreaming of GE strategies into development planning, natural resource management and resource efficiency.

*Interested in finding out more information on current training being offered?

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Neoliberalization of the commons

Over the last few months, I have been working on my PhD research…

Climate finance, information and education for CSA

  Continued population growth inadvertently results in…

Lessons from the informal economy

It's a well-documented fact that the informal sector is key in many developing countries, accounting for most employment opportunities, delivering a full range of services and providing social cohesion. In Kenya, for example, the informal economy is referred to as Jua Kali in Swahili, which loosely translates to the ability to solve any problem.

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