Social Dimensions for Green Growth

Green growth has emerged as an important concept for promoting economic models that are environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. Many developing countries have recognised the benefits of green growth and have incorporated strategies into their development plans. However, the focus has mostly been on the economic and environmental aspects, with less attention given to the social dimensions of green growth.

Climate Smart Agriculture

 Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) seeks to increase productivity, strengthen farmers’ resilience to climate change, and reduce agriculture’s contribution to climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon storage on farmland. Climate-smart agriculture includes proven practical techniques — such as mulching, intercropping, conservation agriculture, crop rotation, integrated crop-livestock management, agroforestry, improved grazing, and improved water management — but also innovative practices such as better weather forecasting, early warning systems and risk insurance.

Energy Literacy

Energy Literacy can be described as understanding the role that energy plays in our every day lives, and using that knowledge to make informed decisions and for planning purposes. An important aspect of energy literacy is the fact that information is made available for key decision-makers as well as consumers to better navigate the complex array of issues in the energy value chain.

Green Entrepreneurship

The transition to a green economy offers a range of new opportunities that promote sustainable and inclusive economic development. However, to harness these opportunities requires significant skills development. Building understanding on the opportunities presented by the green economy and developing the right skills to exploit those opportunities is critical to the transition. Our green entrepreneurship programme seeks to close this gap, by offering training opportunities to emerging green entrepreneurs.

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