AFRICEGE Board Member co-authors a book

We are proud to announce that one of our board members and co-founder of Africege, Dr Sepo Hachigonta has co-authored a book on climate change and agriculture in Southern Africa, entitled Southern African Agriculture and Climate Change: A Comprehensive Analysis. The book was recently launched at the high level regional dialogue on climate smart agriculture. This annual dialogue draws key policymakers in the region, and this year it was attended by the Prime Minister of Lesotho, and Secretary General of SADC among other key stakeholders.

In the book, Dr Hachigonta and his co-authors write “agriculture is the main source of employment and income for southern Africa’s rural population. This crucial economic activity is endangered by climate change. This study is a comprehensive analysis that focuses on ways to foster agricultural development and food security in Southern Africa”

This is a critical publication, at at a time when the Southern Africa region faces significant threats from climate change that has led to declining crop yields, resulting in food insecurity for many countries in the region.

Dr Hachigonta, who holds an MSc and PhD from the University of Cape Town has been associated with AFRICEGE from the start, when generic viagra best the idea was first conceived during the Young Scientists Global Change Conference in Beijing in 2006. We are very proud to be associated with Dr Hachigonta, and the significant impact and influence he wields on climate change and agriculture in the region.


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