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We map the local economy

Mapping is a very powerful tool that helps provide perspective to complex landscapes and problems. Maps are also critical for building local networks to tackle existing problems and to demonstrate that in most cases solutions to local problems are already being implemented.

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Rapid prototyping of new economy concepts and ideas that emphasise local knowledge and ownership at the grassroots level

We push the boundaries of innovation by harnessing creativity through rapid prototyping of new concepts with a view of up scaling. We believe that harnessing local knowledge and ownership is critical for designing practical solutions to solve today’s environmental, economic and social problems. To achieve this, our interventions are designed collaboratively with affected communities and key stakeholders to promote a strong sense of ownership and to emphasise the importance of local context.

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Finding pathways to mainstream new economy thinking and action into policy and practice

We find pathways for unlocking opportunities for up scaling innovative and well-tested ideas, and bridge the gap between theory and practice. We achieve this by conducting high impact research that promotes evidence based policy implementation, building partnerships, fundraising and advocacy.