Discovering Africa’s economic potential through investing in micro enterprises for Nature-based Solutions

New Economy Accelerator; The New Economy Accelerator (NEA) promotes Nature-based Solutions (NBS), which help to manage natural resources sustainably to achieve both environmental and human wellbeing outcomes.

NEA invests  in small and micro enterprises whose business models promote nature-based solutions. It targets businesses in various sectors such as food, transport, energy, water, and housing and information technology. Preference is given to enterprises that have incorporated the following new economy principles in their business models: Innovative forms of ownership, alternative forms of exchange and distribution of goods and services, focus on community upliftment and environmental sustainability.

Since its founding in 2017, the NEA has supported 28 enterprises in South and Eastern Africa.

Enterprise Development

 We have proprietary content in the form of programme modules for accelerating enterprises to scale up and become investment ready

Mentorship & Coaching

Provision of one-on-one mentorship between established business leaders and social and environmental entrepreneurs

Eco-Inclusive Business Modelling

We provide tools and approaches for business model innovation to enable eco-inclusive business

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