Just Transition Innovation Programme (J-TIP)

What does the J-TIP offer to entrepreneurs?

The J-TIP is a unique platform for entrepreneurs seeking to drive the transition to a low carbon economy in Africa. Through the J-TIP, we provide tailored support to entrepreneurs, who are seeking to scale up their solutions and drive the transition in Africa. To this effect, we will be running a 6-month business incubation program targeting innovative enterprises which play a critical role in driving the transition to a low carbon economy. The J-TIP is quite unique from other business incubation programs due to its strong alignment to achieve specific national and global policy agendas in achieving a low carbon development.

The J-TIP offers the following services to green entrepreneurs on the J-TIP programme:

 Formal training designed to enable entrepreneurs to tighten their business models, improve their operating framework and to attract potential investments as well as increase business productivity.

One-on-one coaching and mentorship is offered to each of the participants for the duration of the program. A local panel of successful entrepreneurs will also be established to provide additional support where needed. 

In addition to making the participants investor ready, a formal pitch or Demo Day will be organized for entrepreneurs to network with impact investors, government funders and influential business leaders.

  • Tailored mentorship
  • Access to climate finance opportunities
  • Support from technical expert in the selected green sector
  • Membership of the Green Innovation Hub (GiH), a network of green entrepreneurs in Africa
  • Investor-matchmaking and pitch

Enterprises Must Be from the Following Green Economy Sectors:

  • Water, Waste & Resource management/circular economy
  • Renewable energy
  • Climate smart agriculture/food systems
  • Financial inclusion 
  • Transport

What enterprises are we looking for?

  • Innovative green tech businesses
  • Must be beyond proof of concept, and revenue generating
  • Must demonstrate potential for scalability/growth
  • Legal entity
  • Must be operating in East and Southern Africa

Geographic location: 

Applications welcomed from across East and Southern Africa    


English the language of instruction

Application Deadline: 31 July

Programme Start Date: 15th August

GiH Project Manager: Kennedy Simango – kennedy@africancentre.org

Submit to: greenbiz@africancentre.org

Meet our Green Entrepreneurs in the J-TIP

2023 Green Business Incubator Program

Lamo Fuel

Lamo fuel is a commercial bio-energy products manufacturer that produces biodiesel, bio-oil, charcoal and biogas.

Inno-Neat Energy Solutions / SafiSolar

Safisolar aims to provide sustainable and affordable solutions for clean water access through their portable solar-powered water filter system.

Green Location

An innovative and creative business solving water challenges in Africa using drones and AI to respond to water leaks on water infrastructure.

Macluminium Trading

A biodiesel producer providing alternative fuel sources to grassroot communities.

Buwuka Aqua Farms Limited

A tech business providing environmentally sustainable waste management systems using a mobile app.

EWaste Africa

Providing solutions for light and electronic waste recycling

Ikara Pulus

Recycling of banana peelings into briquettes for clean cooking.

Ortune Group

Provides smallholder farmers with quality farming inputs(seeds and fertilizers),pre and post-harvest storages.

Kchkna Limited

Providing waste management solutions including the conversion of organic waste to biogas.


Provides sustainable holistic energy and water solutions.

Cornier waste Management Control

A waste management company dealing in industrial and domestic waste removal in addition to recycling.