Happy New Year from Africege

As we usher in the New Year, we would like to thank many individuals and organizations that have supported us in the past year. Since the launch of Africege in March 2013, we have made significant progress and have laid a very strong foundation to move us forward. We are very excited about the prospects of the new year and look forward to making a difference in helping Africa grow sustainably.

At Africege we are working to promote water, energy and food security in East and Southern Africa, by providing a platform for emerging leaders in Africa to be at the forefront of addressing the continent’s sustainability challenges. Our locally driven solutions are primarily geared towards empowering those at the bottom of the pyramid.

In 2013 we initiated some innovative projects and established very strategic partnerships to help us achieve our vision of realizing a green economy in Africa that is both socially inclusive, equitable and environmentally sustainable. We will continue spreading our footprint in 2014 to ensure that we make our contribution to addressing the key challenges of water, energy and food security for the majority of Africans.

We have learnt many things since the launch of Africege, the key lesson that stands out for us is that determination, courage and good will is all we need to impact lives on the ground, regardless of the limitations we might be facing. Whether it’s mentoring young social entrepreneurs in impoverished communities in South Africa, promoting smallholder farmers in Uganda or conducting research on agricultural futures in Zambia we have been able to demonstrate the power of perseverance and a strong will to make a difference.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead of growing our young organization and most importantly creating that platform for emerging leaders on the continent to drive change.

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