Launch of Africa Climate Smart Agriculture (ACSAA) Forum

The vulnerability of Africa to climate change and it’s interlinkages to poverty and food in-security are well documented. Africa’s growing population and a declining agricultural productivity, presents a major challenge to the continent’s development propects. There is a need to develop strategies that can support sustainable increase in agricultural productivity to generate wealth and build food security, without negatively impacting the environment.

Over the years various approaches such as conservation agriculture, have been proposed for improving agricultural productvity and building resilience against climate change. The most recent approach, that is receving significant traction is climate smart agriculture (CSA).

CSA has become an important approach for achieving the three dimensions of sustainable development, by increasing agricultural productivity, building resilience to climate change and mitigate greenhouse gases

To this end, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) with mandate from African heads of States, has launched the the Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance (ACSAA), as a multi-stakeholder plfotor_fotoratform for championing CSA on the continent. The aim of ACSAA is to assist 25million farmers to adopt CSA approaches by 2025.

AfriCGE and it’s partner organisation, Shared Value Africa (SVA), are honoured to be playing a leading role in driving the establishment of ACSAA, by helping NEPAD to develop an investment framework and a funding mechanism for the Alliance.

On 13th May the Africa Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Forum was launched in Addis Ababa, and our Executive Director Dr. Mao Amis, and the co-Founder of SVA Dr John Fay, were invited to lead a discussion on financing mechanisms for climate smart agriculture in Africa. Their presentation was well received by delegates from various sectors in Africa, including government, civil society and the private sector. Lack of capacity in accessing global finance for climate smart agriculture, was identified as one of the major gaps in promoting CSA. This is therefore going to be a focus theme where AfriCGE and its network members are going to play a leading role, to ensure that African governments are well capacitated to tap the opportunities in the climate finance space.

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