The Green Insights Podcast delves into key environmental issues driving the transition to an inclusive green economy. It covers a range of topics including, climate finance, circular economy, green entrepreneurship and environmental leadership among others. Every month, I interview thought leaders on these key topics and provide a spot for entrepreneurs, community leaders and policymakers who are at the forefront of driving the transition.

The podcast aims to create awareness, provide thought leadership and engage with a diverse group of leaders in Africa and globally to mainstream green economy into the continents development agenda. The climate emergency we face is unprecedented, and the need for collective action is more urgent than ever. This calls for collaboration across sectors, between various spheres of government and for innovators and entrpreneurs to bring their problem solving skills to bear.

Our theory of change is that without effective communication, it’s impossible to for the overhelming scientific evidence available to make its way into policy making. This podcast therefore seeks to build a platform for unpacking complex developmental issues in a manner that can be well understood by the ordinary person. In this way we can build a critical mass of changemakers on the ground, to transition Africa and the continent into a more sustainable pathway.

I hope that you enjoy listening to this podcast, and share it with your networks so we can all spread the message of building an inclusive and sustainable society for all.

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