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researchWe build regional networks of change makers who are committed and are courageous enough to pursue their ideas of bringing positive change to Africa and making the dream of a green economy a reality. Through our networks we create a platform for change makers to incubate their ideas, get peer support and share experiences.

We help organize and activate local economies by supporting new economy innovations that result in community upliftment and in promoting models of the economy that promote human wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

This incubation program targets grassroots communities, by supporting social entrepreneurs to accelerate their enterprises in order to create jobs and activate the local economy.  The nature of the interventions vary depending on the area of operations, at present the focus is on building sustainable agribusiness, fighting energy poverty and promoting access to sustainable water supplies for rural communities. We are also creating an online platform (www.attane.org) to showcase new economy innovations that promote local economies, equity and social justice.

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Projects: Green Economy Innovations

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Water scarcity and availability poses major risk to socio-economic development and the environment. To the private sector, water scarcity translates directly into a reputational, regulatory, and financial risk, with major implications on their operations and supply chains. As a result, many companies have started to adopted innovations to manage their water risks. However, there is little understanding on the efficacy of such interventions, and whether the benefits of better water management extend beyond the specific business operations. This project is exploring the nature of green innovations that have been taken up by the private sector, and the extend to which they benefit the broader landscape as a whole.

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Africege is currently piloting a green business incubation programme with the goal of activating grassroots green economy enterprises. The first phase of this project was implemented in 2013 and 2014, with support from the DOEN Foundation and the New Economics Foundation. Financial support is currently being sought for phase 2, which will involve active enterprise development support to 10 new economy enterprises as a pilot. The initiative is focused on supporting green enterprises that ascribe to new economy principles, which include innovative ownership arrangements, new forms of distribution and a focus on grassroots.

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As part of our innovation hub, we are piloting a scheme that promotes sustainable energy solutions for low cost housing schemes in South Africa. We have established a workshop that trains local community members to manufacture and install tubular skylight units. Our goal is to install 1000 skylight units per annum, in low cost housing in South Africa to enable impoverished households to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting. We are currently seeking private sector support to sponsor the skylight units to enable us reach more households in South Africa. In future this programme will expand to other sustainable energy solutions that complement the day lighting solution that we offer.

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