Thank you Madiba

As the world descends on South Africa to pay their tributes to Nelson Mandela, the African Centre for a Green Economy (Africege) would like to echo all the voices that are celebrating one of the most iconic figures of our lifetime. Mandela was not only a statesman but also an embodiment of what the human spirit is capable of achieving in the face of adversity. The values that Mandela espoused will live with us forever and a reminder that with courage and commitment we can achieve a great deal in our pursuit to create a better world for all.

Mandela’s life was not only dedicated to social justice and equity, but he also had deep concern for sustainability, recognising that we live in a resource constrained world and need to sustainably manage our natural resources. Mandela recognised the need to manage our water resources and had this to say, “Access to water is a common goal. It is central in the social, economic and political affairs of the country, African continent and the world. It should be a lead sector of cooperation for world development”.

South Africa faces enormous sustainability challenges including insufficient access to water, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. We need to honour Madiba’s legacy by placing sustainability at the core of South Africa’s and development agenda.

For some of us who have benefited directly from Mandela’s legacy, this is a period of deep personal reflection, gratitude, and inspiration to continue pursuing our goals of creating a better world for all.

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