The South Africa water innovation story

The current global water crisis is creating a heightened level of awareness around the need for effective water management.
Policy makers, private companies and consumers are starting to realise the need for immediate and sustained action. Even
though water is widely recognised as being essential for life, its management has seldom been truly effective. In addition,
the value of water is not adequately reflected through its cost to consumers. The significance of water to everyday life only
becomes apparent during periods of acute water shortages, such as droughts and other natural disasters that threaten the
assurance of supply.

This report  track the ‘journey’ of various water-related innovations in South Africa from research and development to
commercialisation, so as to understand the effectiveness of the South African innovation ecosystem. More specifically, the
case studies unpack the experiences of individual innovators (this is explored more in the larger document of this report),
including challenges encountered and the kind of support they require or have received.

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