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Lessons from the informal economy

It’s a well-documented fact that the informal sector is key in many developing countries, accounting for most employment opportunities, delivering a full range of services and providing social cohesion. In Kenya, for example, the informal economy is referred to as Jua Kali in Swahili, which loosely translates to the ability to solve any problem.

Impact investment in a new economy

Impact investment has emerged as an important approach for mobilising financial resources for sustainable development. Through impact investment, it has been possible to divest from harmful business practices to sectors that have strong social and environmental outcomes.


Green Innovations and Entrepreneurship in South Africa: The role of SMMEs

Green Innovations and Entrepreneurship in South Africa: The role of SMMEs New Economy Accelerator (NEA) hosts dialogue series NEA discusses green innovations and entrepreneurship with Mr William Hugh MD of Impahla Clothing (Pty) Ltd Cape Town, 17 November 2015 – Last week Thursday 12th November, the New Economy Accelerator, a programme supporting enterprises that service […]


Africa rising and the new economy

One of the key highlights of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya last week, was the spotlight it placed on the importance of entrepreneurship, whilst co-hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). The occasion drew some of the world’s most high profile investors and budding entrepreneurs from the continent.This is a clear recognition of the investment […]


Launch of Africa Climate Smart Agriculture (ACSAA) Forum

The vulnerability of Africa to climate change and it’s interlinkages to poverty and food in-security are well documented. Africa’s growing population and a declining agricultural productivity, presents a major challenge to the continent’s development propects. There is a need to develop strategies that can support sustainable increase in agricultural productivity to generate wealth and build […]